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First, get a good idea of what you want your wedding to feel like – do you want intimate and informal in the private room of a restaurant or a formal affair in a grand ballroom or maybe a fun-filled couple of days at an island resort? Also determine whether you want to get married in your house of worship or somewhere else.

When you’ll have your wedding involves choosing the season and then the month. To get to the actual date brings in the “where” part. You’ll have to speak to the person you’d like to have marry you. If that person is an officiant in your house of worship, the date you settle on may depend on what’s available. If that person is a freelance officiant, you’re options on the “where” are more open – a park, a resort, a ballroom…whatever your heart desires.

The “how big” is all about your wedding budget. As your guest list grows longer, the total price of your wedding will escalate.

I think the moment a bride and groom gets engaged, it is really helpful to get the wedding planner on board immediately. Simply Weddings Las Vegas has great vendors that we personal have researched and have handpicked through years of trying to get the best value for our couples.

Set a general date with your fiancé. You will want to have this in place when you are looking to hire a wedding planner, if for nothing more than to see if that planner is available.

Set a budget for the amount you are able to spend. Keep in mind the amount of money you are spending for the wedding planner will likely cover the cost for everything else.

No, it’s not the easiest—or most pleasant way to begin—but let’s go there anyway. You don’t need to get the specifics nailed down, but you do need to start the planning process with a ballpark number. Our budget tool can help you estimate, and, once you start spending, help you keep track.

I’m not an event planner, but I am a person who hired one. I am grateful I did. She made sure my event went smoothly, and quite frankly, made sure I was a little spoiled as well. I hope you will heed my advice, and look back on your big event with a smile.

The first thing you want to do when planning your dream wedding is to set your budget. Your budget will allow you to know which vendors you will or will not be able to work with. Make sure your budget is realistic, set cushions. The reason most couples go over budget, is because they do not allow for financial changes in their plans.

First thing you need to do is pick a time of year and write down a preliminary guest list and get an idea of how many people you are looking for the event.

Know what you want the wedding coordinator to plan.

Planners can be brought in at any time during the wedding planning process. Planners agree that they like to be hired at the beginning, but they are happy to accept what Gregoli calls “911 Calls”

“It’s really smart to hire someone on wedding day. It’s like an insurance policy.”