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Do you understand my vision?

A planner could have done every celebrity and high-end wedding in the world, but if they don’t share your understanding of the style and vision, you might be unhappy with the final outcome. Some planners can create one fabulous look, but if that look isn’t you, then be sure their portfolio reflects many styles – look for the personality of the couple to shine through in the events, not the same likes of the planner over and over again. Talk with your planner and bounce ideas off each other to make sure you’re on the same page before you begin.

How busy are they?

See how often your planner has a wedding on a calendar, especially for the month, week, and even your same day. If you feel like they are trying to overbook there is a good chance that you won’t get the personal attention that you need and deserve. You want to be the only bride she or he tends to that day. You might also ask if wedding planning is their full time job or if it is a side hobby as that can also lead to scheduling conflicts.

This may be an assumed task for the wedding planner to oversee, but you can never be too cautious. A wedding can quickly go over budget, so make sure you find a planner who makes your budget limit their top priority.

Is it a real business?
Ask your planner if they have a business license, insurance, education. See if they belong to a professional organization like the ABC, ACPWC, Weddings Beautiful, June Weddings, WIPA and ISES, all of which are respectable bridal consultant groups. Also ask if the group they belong to requires them to have training every year or simply pay an annual fee.

But above all the rules, paperwork, and fine print, most of all, make sure you really like your wedding planner, because you will be spending a lot of time together in the coming months!

When you first meet a wedding planner and you’re interviewing them to find out if they’re the right fit, I feel like at the end of your session with them you’re going to know. You want to make sure that you have similar personalities and that she gets your wedding, and the style and the vision that you have. And beyond that, she should give you a list of references. I would call as many references as you need on that list. Not just the ones at the top, call all of them. You want to make sure that when you speak with past brides that you’re asking them what the planner’s strengths and weaknesses were. It might not be a weakness that completely makes you not want to hire this event planner, but maybe it’s something that you just know in the back of your mind you need to watch for and make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

A couple of things I would definitely ask a wedding planner when you are interviewing them are what type of packages they have, and how they charge you their fees? Are they on a per hour basis, and what is included in their package? Some event planners will charge you a percentage of your overall wedding cost. In today’s world when you’re watching your budget, you really want to know ahead of time how much it’s going to cost. Some event planners nowadays will actually work on the per hour basis and that allows you to kind of have control over what they’re doing, and you know exactly what’s being done. Then if you go over the package, you can just pay a per hour fee.

Assess the reputation and expertise of the wedding consultant / planner. Ask for testimonials or samples on their niche areas of expertise. You could get more neutral ones at forums or blogs. This is a good resource as the testimonials reflected at the wedding sites might just be a handful and it might be hard to come to a decision

Finally, this is your BIG day! Get someone you feel at ease with and could discuss and work. This is important as there are a lot of details which needs to be discussed and worked out between both of you and the wedding planner.

If you cannot stand your wedding planner, then it would make things difficult and unpleasant. So if you don’t have a good feeling after talking to the wedding planner, do consider finding other alternatives. The choice is yours!

If you pick a wedding planner from the yellow pages, or Internet or by word of mouth see if they offer a free consultation. Most wedding planners will offer a free consultation in which they will sit down with the couple and review what it is the couple wants in their wedding and their budget. This is the time to watch for key elements in the planner.

They should have a portfolio of what their services are and how much they cost. Again this is like a resume. They should have clearly written on a printed-paper the packages they offer, whether they will be employed for just the wedding day, or just for consulting, or for the entire time from start to finish of the wedding. Their prices should be clearly indicated as well as business card attached.

Never be afraid to have four or five or more consultations with different wedding planners this is your special day and if you are going to be spending money on hiring someone make sure you are happy with who you hire.

When you interview wedding planners it is a decisions of the heart. Here are some things to look for in the right wedding planner for you: – Someone who loves weddings and is passionate about what they do

– A wedding planner who is strong and can take charge, but is still sensitive enough to take your hopes, dreams, and ideas into account

– A person who seems to have a network of several people to call for ideas in: cakes, photography, halls for the receptions, caterers, floral shops, bridal shops, jewelry stores, invitation designers, professional decorators, disc jockeys/entertainers, travel agencies, and people for unique wedding themes.

– Make sure the person has a sense of organization and purpose in their work

– It may be important to choose someone whose personality is a fit for you. You will be depending on this person to orchestrate the perfect day. The likeability factor does come into play.

– Someone who can give you fairly accurate estimates of how much things will cost

– A good wedding planner will have pictures, testimonials, or references you can draw upon to see their past work.

– This person should have a high-level of energy and excitement about your wedding the same as you do.

– Someone who is flexible and can easily shift gears when necessary

– Find out who helps them or fills in for them in their absence

It’s best to follow your gut feeling or since we’re talking love, follow your heart. When you meet with your wedding planner you should get a pretty good feeling about their personality and ability to help you plan the perfect wedding. You know what is said about first impressions, if you remember this it will make it easier to follow your heart on the matter.