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Vanity at the Hard Rock Hotel is a brand new nightclub that opened New Year Eve 2010. The main focus at Vanity is you. That’s right, everything about Vanity is centered on making sure you are noticed and that you are the center of attention.

Vanity is decorated with pearls and hand cut crystals that are fused with bronze and gold metallic surrounded by antique mirrors. There are deep satin and rich tapestries that add to the luminous textures throughout the club and create the perfect backdrop of deep brilliance. The 14,000 square feet of Vanity includes two marble bars, a sunken dance floor, and an outdoor terrace that includes five cabanas with a beautiful fire pit in the middle. With such a unique set up it’s an ideal space for a fun, creative, and unforgettable Las Vegas wedding reception.

Having your Las Vegas wedding reception at Vanity will ensure that you are the center of attention on your wedding day. Simply Weddings Las Vegas will work with you to make sure you are put above the rest on your wedding day and that Vanity is a venue that is just as unique as your are. Your wedding guests are sure to have the time of their lives, at this upscale all about you venue.