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Tryst is located inside the plush Wynn Las Vegas and is a sophisticated nightclub. Like all nightclubs they want something that will make then stand out from the rest, a mark that will draw people to their locations and Tryst stood up to the challenge.

An element of Tryst that will put your unique Las Vegas wedding reception to exceed all of your expectations is the beautiful, giant waterfall that can be seen from any spot in the club.

The waterfall adds an element of luxury and exclusivity unlike any other venue. You feel like you are on your own private island that was built just for you. Other decorative touches include the red velvet-covered walls, lavish red alligator skin sofas and extravagant mirrors placed throughout the venue.

Together with Simply Weddings Las Vegas we will turn Tryst into a fun, unique, upscale Las Vegas wedding reception of your dreams. Tryst has the perfect set up for a unique wedding reception that will be one for the books. With beautiful elements and every little detail that Tryst has incorporated your reception is sure to be a success.