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TAO and TAO Beach are heavily influenced by Asia cultures but with a few modern, luxurious twists. The beautiful décor at TAO has to be seen to be understood, because it is so unique and unlike anything else found in Las Vegas. Some of the highlights are the army if Buddha’s, oversized-jade Buddha heads and lush velvets and silks all around. Walking into TAO makes you feels as if you traveled outside the United States and into a whole new location. They’ve really captured the Asia culture in such a unique way that will have you breathless.

Having your Las Vegas wedding reception at TAO will give you a unique experience unlike any other in the city. The Asian fusion style food is to die for and is an experience in itself. Simply Weddings Las Vegas is here to ensure that your Las Vegas wedding reception at TAO’s complex will be unique and be all that your ask for and more. With Simply Weddings Las Vegas’s team behind you it is sure to be a creative and flawless event that you and your quests will never forget.