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LAVO is an Italian restaurant, lounge, and nightclub located at the Palazzo in Las Vegas. With over 20,000 square feet in space LAVO offers you a unique reception site in Las Vegas that is sexy, energetic, intimate and fun. LAVO’s nightclub is a Moroccan bathhouse theme that is unique to Las Vegas.

When you reach the top of the first set of stairs and start walking across the catwalk over the restaurant/lounge area there are several sinks with brass faucets that continuously have water flowing from them. After climbing the second set of stairs you instantly get a view of the entire club. The walls are black with several mirror-like tile displays, there is a chandelier in the back of the club that gives off an orange glow and in the middle of the dance floor there is a dome that can emit many different colors or graphic displays. This is the perfect spot to get creative and add some personal touches to the venue.

Simply Weddings Las Vegas will work with you to turn LAVO into a wedding reception that is unique, beautiful, and unforgettable. Having a destination wedding in Las Vegas is already going to be amazing and when you decided to have it at a unique location it will put you above the rest. Your Las Vegas wedding reception at LAVO will be one to remember and Simply Weddings Las Vegas will be with you every step of the way to make sure it’s exactly what you’ve envisioned.