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Blue Martini at Town Square in Las Vegas is one of the most popular places to go in town. It is also a great unique location to have your Las Vegas wedding reception. With three bars inside and one located on the patio you will always have a drink in your hand and something new to see. Blue Martini is decorated with red and blue lighting that accents the deep cherry-colored wood tabletops, which all come together in a modern layout that feels upscale and relaxed. There is also a stage for a live band that sits right behind the main bar inside Blue Martini, and the DJ booth is directly across from it.

Having your Las Vegas wedding reception at this hip unique location is perfect for the modern couple that loves to have fun. Blue Martini has great drinks, amazing food, and an atmosphere that is unique to Las Vegas. What more could you want when looking for a unique wedding reception in Las Vegas. Simply Weddings Las Vegas will make sure that every element of your reception is exactly what you want, and that you and your guests will walk away having the time of your life.