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Summer Weddings
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Thinking about planning a summer wedding?  Summers weddings are exceptional because they can be held almost anywhere you can imagine. You can have a stunning summer wedding indoors or outdoors, in a beautiful church or an outdoor church in the woods. Summer is also the perfect time to have a destination wedding, many people are able to take vacations in the summer, traveling is ideal during this time as well. You will most likely get a better attendance if you host your wedding during the summer time so be sure to use up most of your allotted wedding budget!

There are so many aspects of a summer wedding stand out and are different than weddings any other time of the year. The wedding colors are more bright and airy as well as the theme. The wedding cake is decorated with flowers or butterflies, and typically tastes like fruit or berries. The attire can be a bit more casual with cotton linens and shorter length gowns for the bridal party.
Depending on which part of the county you host your wedding in you can even get some great rates on most of your wedding elements due to an off season in places such as Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Florida, Arizona, and even parts of Texas. Simply Weddings Las Vegas is located in Las Vegas and Brit and her team of wedding professional can create the ideal summer theme wedding as over 8 months out of the year are full of warm dessert sun shine. Call today to get your wedding consultation.