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Spring Weddings
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There are plenty of things to love about spring weddings: ideal weather for outdoor weddings, tons of flowers are in season, not to mention all of the natural inspiration that can be found in any springtime landscape.  Planning a spring wedding can come with its own particular set of issues to consider. One of the most common outdoor spring wedding issues is those well-known April showers. In this case, your best bet is to have a good wedding tent rental company on call and always have a back up space. Another springtime wedding problem in some parts of the country is insects. If you’re planning a wedding ceremony or reception by the water, providing bug repellent and setting up citronella candles can help keep these unwanted wedding crashers away. Also, prepare for changes in the weather. Spring weddings have to deal with heat in the afternoon and chilly temperatures at night, so do everything you can to remind your guests to dress appropriately. Another way to make them comfortable would be to offer sun-blocking parasols or cozy shawls as your wedding favors or arrange for fans or fire pits to be set up at your outdoor reception. Trust us — these extra details won’t go unnoticed and Simply Weddings Las Vegas will make sure to have them all.

Note that that Spring can also be the race for most popular time of year to get married, spring is a distant third place behind summer and autumn. This is good news if you’re planning a spring wedding, as more top-notch vendors will be available, and you may be able to get discounted rates, especially on sites and travel. Simply Weddings Las Vegas in Las Vegas can help you negotiate discounted rates and help you determine which days of the year would be best for an outside wedding.  If you’re getting married in a church, talk to them about their Easter decorations. You may be able to save money by using theirs. Vendors and sites may be more available in the spring than in the summer, but remember prom; you may need to book limousines and tuxedos extra early.

The preppy pink and green color combination couldn’t be more spring-like, and is perfect for a beautiful, fresh spring wedding. Accent your tables with polka-dot or gingham fabrics and ribbons, and use alternating pink and green chair colors. For a more elegant look, combine celadon green with white, using silver as an accent color. If you’re having an outdoor wedding and a fair amount of children, a may pole does double duty as entertainment and elegant decoration. Instead of rice, consider asking your guests to throw rose petals, or release butterflies.