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Site Visit Questions
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What do you do if you are unable to conduct a site visit?

a. Are there photos of previous events? (More than the brochure?)
b. Are there videos of previous events?
c. Can you contact the vendors?

What type of packages do you offer?

a. Price Point/Value
b. What is included? (Dance floor, tables, chairs, linens)
c. What is NOT included?
d. What can be customized?
e. Do you offer discounts for different times of the year, off peak season?

What are the additional fees?

a. Site fees
b. Cake cutting fees
c. Tax
d. Service charge
e. Chef/bartender
f. Coordination

What type of venues are available?

a. What are the minimums/maximums?
b. Does this vary based on time of year?
c. What are the restrictions (time, décor, etc.)?

What is the staffing for the Wedding experience?

a. How many servers per guest
b. On site coordinator? If so, what will they assist with?
c. What is the experience of the staff?
d. Doe they specialize in Weddings or other business?
e. Who is the on site contact?
f. Will someone be scheduled throughout the entire evening?

How many Weddings do you host in one day? A year?

a. Will the venue be used more than once?
b. What are the set-up restrictions?
c. Are any other events being hosted at the venue during this time?

Are there any noise restrictions?

Is there construction or renovation?

Parking and guest access.

a. Are there any fees for parking?

b. Is the parking convenient?

c. Is there accessibility for physically challenged guest?

d. Where are restroom facilities?

Destination Weddings

a. Are there benefits or challenges of planning a destination Wedding?

b. What are the planning considerations for a destination location?

What is the condition of the physical venue?

a. Are there benefits or challenges of planning a destination Wedding?

b. Outdoor access?

c. Is it worn? Need of renovation?

d. What is the guest flow and access?

e. Where is placement of seating, dance floor, buffet?

What is the back-up plan?

a. If a portion of the even is hosted outdoors is there an indoor back-up?

b. What would happen if your venue had maintenance issues?

What other amenities doe the venue offer?

a. Changing rooms

b. Guest rooms

c. Transportation

d. Spa/Salon

e. Catering

What are the restrictions for outside food or beverage?

a. Do they allow corkage with outside wines?

b. Are there restrictions with other food products

c. Is a tasting provided


a. Does the venue require the use of in house vendors or can you contract outside vendors?
Are there extra fees?

b. What restrictions are there with vendors?

What are the contract terms

a. When do you need to contract?

b. Deposits (how much is refundable)?

c. Cancellation fees/Attrition/ Minimums

d. Are there fees for extending or for certain hours?