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Shiva and Randy – Spring 2011
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Shiva and Randy came to Simply Weddings in the fall of 2009 from Toronto, Canada. Both of them were looking for a traditional Persian wedding celebration in the boisterous city of Las Vegas. After months and months of searching for the perfect ceremony and reception site, they couldn’t make up their mind on which site was best for them and their 250 guests. They decided to look into another Destination hot spot, Cabo San Lucas. Shiva and Randy were torn between both cities and they needed time to think about what location would be best suited for them.

6 months had gone by and I didn’t hear from either one of them and finally, Shiva called to tell me that one of her family members had fallen very ill and that she needed to postpone the planning process for a while. Several months went by and then the holidays past, when I finally heard from them it was the later part of April 2011. Shiva and Randy said that they wanted to put a surprise wedding celebration together and they didn’t want to wait! Las Vegas was their final choice. They gave me two weeks to pull this luxurious wedding together for them and their guests. (Yes, you read it correctly; my staff and I only had two weeks to pull this together in the middle of our busy season in Las Vegas)

With the help of some of our best professionals in town the two wed happily on the Wynn Golf Course and they celebrated their union in front of their closest friends and family. As guests entered they could hear the sounds of a live bossa nova band. They were escorted onto the lawn where guests were handed passed champagne and they all walked down the white platform aisle lined with thousands of white, cream and blush rose pedals they were then seated in high-back tufted chairs with a vintage mirrored table top coffee table and the backdrop was a gorgeous Las Vegas Sunset with the Wynn waterfalls falling just beyond the golf course. The ceremony was stunning and it quickly followed with a ceremony and reception that was absolutely unforgettable!