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If you have had any thoughts on hiring a wedding planner don’t think twice… just do it, and make sure that it is Simply Weddings Las Vegas! This team of professionals surpassed all expectations when it comes to wedding planning. They did more than just plan our special day, they had the best relationships with vendors in Las Vegas, Brit had creative concepts that I could never find on the latest and greatest blogs, and the best part is that they were able to stay within our budget and negotiate rates on our behalf. We had some odd requests but to Brit, they were absolutely normal and she tweeked them to make them work within the wedding. Brit constantly reminded my husband and I that this was our day and that we could do whatever we wished and we loved her for that as our personalities and traditional backgrounds were presented through many aspects in the wedding from the food, to the music and décor.

I have to throw this in there, if you are looking for unique and talented ceremony entertainment ask her about Mahi, this 19 year old guitarist serenaded everyone with his soulful vocals… People are still asking about him until this day.

Thank you Brit and the Simply Weddings Staff for an unforgettable Wedding, none of our friends will top this!

Marissa and Vishesh, – October 2, 2010

The M Resort -Las Vegas, NV