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Little Church of the West
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Las Vegas is one of the youngest cities in the United States, and most of our buildings here are less then 100 years old.  With such a new city its hard to believe that we have many historic places in Las Vegas, but The National Registry of Historical Places has named The Little Church of the West one of the most historic places in the Country.

Allow Simply Weddings Las Vegas to assist you in planning your Las Vegas wedding at the most historic chapel in Las Vegas.  The physical building has moved three times since it was originally built.  The first location was built as part of the Last Frontier Hotel that was located on what would eventually become the famed Las Vegas Strip.  12 years later, as part of an expansion, the chapel had to be moved to the south side of the hotel grounds. In 1978, it moved again to the grounds of the Hacienda Hotel to accommodate the building of the Fashion Show Mall.  Lastly in 1996, it moved for the third time to its current location across from Mandalay Bay and the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign.  Although it has moved three times, the chapel remains exactly the way it was originally built in 1942. Let Simply Weddings Las Vegas help you recreate the classic old time Vegas charm that is complimented by the wonderful décor of the chapel.