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Shining in the spotlight of the Las Vegas Strip, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino shows off world-class shopping and dazzling entertainment.

Like the plot of a motion picture, this classic Las Vegas casino –As for its most recent dazzling special effect, the Aladdin lifted the curtain to Hollywood in Sin City when it was reborn as Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Since Planet Hollywood’s arrival, the property has made a metamorphosis from its lackluster Arabian-theme into a high-tech, retro-chic attraction unlike any other Strip property. Great for a Hollywood Glam Las Vegas Wedding!

Center stage in the casino of Planet Hollywood is a circular hot spot called the Heart Bar, a place to hang out with the beautiful people while sipping on drinks served by cocktail waitresses in black leather go-go attire. Guests can grab their 15 minutes of fame at the Extra Lounge, the new Las Vegas headquarters for the correspondents and crew of television’s “Extra.” Located near the hotel’s front entrance, this 24-hour bar is the perfect spot to see who’s coming and going.

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