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If you are a bride that enjoys the glamour and style of New York City has a home in Las Vegas. At New York Hotel & Casino Vegas visitors can take a bite of the Big Apple, enjoy Broadway-caliber entertainment, alluring nightlife and Coney Island fun.

There are many touches at this hotel that will make New Yorkers fit right in at New York-New York. The resort’s facade approximates the New York skyline down to the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. The interior features a Central Park-themed casino and a bar in the middle of Times Square, complete with neon and flashing lights.

Let Simply Weddings Las Vegas walk you down the Village Eateries, an area designed to look like the streets of New York down to the manhole covers on the floors. Upstairs, the Coney Island institution, Nathan’s hot dogs, fits in perfectly inside The Coney Island amusement center, an arcade complete with video games, bumper cars and laser tag. Also at the amusement center is The Roller Coaster at New York-New York, guaranteed to thrill as it tears around the front of the casino.

Add shops, a spa and state of the art wedding site space and you don’t have to be Frank Sinatra to sing the praises of New York-New York. This is a great space to celebrate your Las Vegas Wedding with an East Coast flair.