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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas….in a word….breathtaking. Truly a one of a kind luxury hotel experience, this cleverly designed marvel fuses art, energy, imagination and comfort in a way that has not yet been attempted on the Las Vegas Strip. Some of the most brilliant artists in the world were given the opportunity to add their creative expertise, by creating unique pieces that can only be seen here.

With multiple spacious meeting areas, creative bars & lounges and pristine pools, the possibilities of hosting a wedding at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas are endless. Simply visualize it, and it can be done. Although not typically known as a wedding destination on the Strip, this luxury resort has an ambiance that is irresistible, with unusual options that can be the perfect wedding destination for any bride. A few highlighted locations within the hotel stand out as

Enjoy a quaint ceremony and reception at The Chandelier, a multi-story vision of beauty inspires awe in all who enter. Described as an architectural wonder, this ultimate bar and lounge provides three unique experiences. The bottom level displays classic casino space for guests to mix, mingle and enjoy themselves for a cocktail reception atmosphere. Inside the chandelier, guests can take their cocktail experience to the next level. At the top of the Chandelier is a cozy lounge where guests can view the hand-crafted detail up close and personal.

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Looking for a Why not host a wedding reception in of The Cosmopolitan’s Wraparound Terrace Suites with dazzling panoramic views of the Strip? Featuring a 110 square foot private terrace and several plush amenities, guests can enjoy in-room dining in 620 feet of studio space and, set their own music to get the party started.

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Outdoor weddings our popular just about anywhere. But, with three brilliantly inspired outdoor pools to choose from, a poolside ceremony at The Cosmopolitan provides the ultimate experience for any couple. Aptly named The Pool District, the first of these relaxing delights is The Boulevard pool. It offers an unobstructed view of local surroundings, and provides the perfect mixture of romance and leisure for an intimate sunset wedding or cocktail reception. Not far from the Boulevard pool, the Bamboo pool offers canyon-like desert landscape with more of a private setting for guests to enjoy spa treatments and retreat from the sun. A divine location for a private ceremony just for two. Rounding out the Pool District is the Day Club Pool, a very energizing extension of Marquee Nightclub. It features illustrious cabanas with infinity pools, three-story bungalow lofts featuring a cabana with a party deck on top.


The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas brings art to life for every guest. It inspires guests to open their mind to abstract possibilities, which makes it one of our top picks for the ultimate wedding destination for the creative mind.

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