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Interested in Becoming a Wedding Planner?
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The International School of Hospitality offers a Wedding Coordination & Design (WCD) certificate program that is designed to provide a comprehensive overview and operational knowledge of the vibrant wedding industry. This program provides participants with a foundation of knowledge in wedding planning and the confidence to succeed in the industry. It is recognized as one of the most hands-on wedding coordination and design training programs anywhere in the nation.

Students will learn to plan, design, manage, coordinate and execute all manners of traditional, non-traditional, cultural, fantasy and destination weddings. Students will learn industry best practices and the role of a wedding planner. To complete the program, students will professionally design and plan a complete wedding presentation from start to finish, completing a professional portfolio that will serve as a sample of their learning and ability.

Industry professionals and university professors have co-developed The International School of Hospitality’s curriculum because they believe that success is tied to practical learning. Courses reflect current industry demands and are organized to induce quick learning and lasting retention. The small class sizes support individualized attention.

To accommodate student’s needs, The International School of Hospitality (Also referred to as TISOH) offer three tracks for learning.

  • Classroom courses are taught by academic/industry professionals and include class discussions, case studies, guest panels, working internships, site visits and group projects. Should you miss a class, you can pick up the session online.
  • FASTtrack special programs meet daily on campus for five weeks. Classes follow traditional classroom courses, but at an accelerated pace.
  • Online allows you to learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world, 24/7, using the same materials as classroom courses and with access to the same classroom instructors. You do not have to be computer-savvy to learn online. Our school uses the Adobe Connect Pro learning environment. With a computer (PC or Mac) and an Internet connection, you’re ready to enroll.

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In addition, all students participate in resume-writing workshops, career counseling and become part of a strong networking group.

Graduates of TISOH can earn:

  • Certificates covering specific hospitality functional areas
  • Executive Diplomas/Diploma covering advanced learning in a specific field combined with relevant management training

In Class Fast Track courses begin July 12, 2010!

Interested in becoming a wedding planner Interested in becoming a wedding planner