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How do tastings work
How do tastings work?
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One of our frequently asked question from our couples is “How do tastings work?” Food will be one of your largest expenses when it comes to your wedding preparation. Most couples spend an average of 45%-60% on food for their guests on their wedding day. As a result, it is important that you have great tasting food and in order to find out if your food is worth half of your wedding budget you should have the opportunity to taste it if you haven’t experienced the cuisine already from your selected reception site.

Once your reception site has been chosen your catering manager will ask you what type of food service you and your fiancé would be interested in? Once that decision is made most venues will have an assortment of food options that are available for your elected table service. For the most part, you will need to ask for a tasting as the majority of places will not offer it. Almost all restaurants, resorts or catering companies will ask you to pay for your tastings therefore; don’t be surprised if they say that there is an additional fee. Perhaps you can ask up front before you sign the contract for a tasting. Some might include it as an incentive for making a commitment to their venue. Keep in mind it is just for you and the groom, any other company coming along for the tasting will be an additional charge. Be mindful of your tasting selections. If there are 15 different options to choose from on the menu, taste about four or five of your favorite items.

Cake tastings are somewhat similar. If you have not made the inclusive decision to move forward with the bakery you may be charged for a cake tasting. If you have made the commit to the bakery they will most likely include a cake tasting free of charge. Be prepared to taste at least 6 or more different flavors and eat a little before you arrive as every flavor may taste great to you and your fiancé and you may have a hard time making a final decision on your cake flavors.

To most of our couples surprise they are amazed to find out that there may be a fee associated with the tastings. Just note that there is still a hard labor cost involved that includes the cost of the food, the preparation time and the staff that is there to make the entire tasting possible. They are happy to accommodate you and want to make your special day memorable and the food and service is reflected not only back on to you as the couple but on your selected venue or caterer as well.

Would you pay for a tasting? Do you have a tasting experience that you would like to share with us?