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How do I know which type of Photography will be best for me and my special day?
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How do I know which type of photography will be best for me?

There are commonly three different types of wedding photography available, though not every photographer will offer the style of photography that you will want for your special day.

The three styles of photography include: photojournalistic, traditional or artistic wedding photography. Now and then you may find a photographer that can offer all three types of photography.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Also known as candid photography, this type of photography involves capturing the wedding day in a similar way to how a newspaper photojournalist captures an event or news item. Wedding photos created in this way are often angled, candid, and original with a documentary feel to them.

The photographer usually takes in the entire wedding day, from the bride getting her make-up done to champagne in the honeymoon suite. One of the best things about this type of photography is that it shows the bridal party and wedding party being themselves and no one is directing them to pose, it is all natural. This type of wedding photography portrays the joyful couple a unique and original display of their wedding day.

Traditional/Formal Wedding Photography

This is a well known type of wedding photography, which makes the bride and groom the foremost photographic subject of the day. Traditional or formal photography is where the bride, the groom, bridal party, and family pose before each photo is taken. In most cases this type of photography will only take in the ceremony and special posed pictures afterwards in a scenic location, unless you specifically ask the photographer to take pictures of the speeches, cutting of the cake or the first dance. This is a directed approach to photography.

Artistic Wedding Photography

These days there is a growing trend towards having artistic wedding photos taken from which to remember your big day. There are many types of artistic-style wedding photography, ranging from the type of materials used and the way the photographs were processed to the way the photographer decided to shoot the photos. In some cases the bride and groom will decide on a style of certain photographs, such as acting out famous scenes from their favorite movies, while other times the photographer will take different types of photographs, such as sepia or black and white prints.

Most often the artistic approach to photography will have several hours of post production. Meaning special programs on the computer will be used to enhance the wedding shots which may create a delay in the turn around time for your wedding photos as well as, the overall photography package may be a little more expensive.

Hot Trends

Some trends that we are seeing with our couples and their photographers is, that the couples are setting pre sessions after the engagement photo’s but, before the wedding where the bride and groom will get dressed into his tux and her gown a few weeks prior to saying “I DO” and they will hit the town and find unique photo opportunities throughout the city to take a few shots. Some photographers will even set up a photo shoot and bring other props in, to create a fun and artistic approach that really brings the bride and grooms personalities out into their wedding photos. If you are more of a traditional couple where the groom can’t see you “the bride” in her gown before the ceremony, post photo sessions just like above can be set several days following the wedding. This will allow you to have a “trash the gown photo shoot,” and to really let loose and have a unique photo shoot with your husband!

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