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From the eyes of the Minister
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Rev. Nourish of A Ceremony to Remember shares some of the trends she has noticed since being a Minister and coordinator of weddings in Las Vegas.

“ Because of the economic crisis affecting all of our lives, of course couples are wanting to save money on their wedding day. These are some of the creative ways chapels and service vendors have adapted to help create and provide quality services for couples looking to save money.
Owner: Rev. Julie Nourish

Benefit from the beautiful environment of the hotels and resorts in Las Vegas: Many Las Vegas hotels and resorts have lush and beautifully manicured areas. Choose to have the ceremony in a resort location or in a hotel suite or convention room for a more private choice. Before booking at a hotel, call around and get opinions from the vendors about which location would be the best to have the wedding ceremony. This is a good option and is a very economic wedding idea if you are on a tight budget.

Allow local vendors who have experience to pass on the savings to you: Wedding vendors get special discounts among the community. They also know the resorts well and have established relationships with the resorts already. Allowing them to pass on these savings to you is a smart and economical choice. It is not necessary to take on the stress of coordinating the details and sifting through all the options available, especially if trying to plan a wedding from a distance. Then enjoy the extra time and money saved with your family and friends enjoying the Las Vegas experience without feeling rushed.

Have Both the wedding ceremony and reception in the same place: Having the ceremony and reception in one location is a smart and economical choice for a wedding now. Choosing to allow a wedding vendor to organize and plan the ceremony within a strict budget is an excellent choice. In this case recommendation is given for the best choice of a location within the specifications needed. The vendors at Custom Las Vegas weddings know the hotels well and will suggest and plan the experience to maximize the wedding savings and still provide a quality experience. They will also plan your hotel accommodations and make that a part of the wedding package if it is needed.