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Fall Weddings
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Weddings in the summer are popular. But a wedding in fall can look breathtaking. Autumn brings about various colors in nature that are simply unavailable the rest of the year. Simply Weddings Las Vegas in Las Vegas can create a custom fall backdrop of colors that include orange, red, yellow and brown. Leaves falling from tree branches can also produce a dramatic effect.

You can easily incorporate these colors schemes into your outdoor wedding theme.

Look for an outdoor venue. For a fall wedding, you can look for a place outdoor where you can hold the ceremony and reception (or just the reception itself). It can be a yard, park, vineyard, or garden. The important thing is that the venue has trees and foliage, which will serve as a backdrop and you will save costs on your décor by using natural outdoor elements. In case of inclement weather, such as rain or high winds, you might want to use a tent or canopy. You can also rent outdoor heaters to provide extra comfort in case it rains. Party supply shops will usually carry this type of equipment.

Use colors consistent with autumn. For best results, your wedding décor’s color scheme should correspond with autumn colors, or colors that will contrast or complement autumn colors well. These can include orange, burgundy, eggplant, greens, and golden yellow. Brown can be a dominant color, as it will go well with falling orange leaves. Be consistent, and try not to use colors that will look awkward and out of touch with nature.

Use burgundy for a touch of elegance. Use a burgundy-colored carpet or runner on the aisle. You can use colorful petals and leaves for added effect. For outdoor fall weddings, padded chairs are an excellent choice. These will no longer need to be covered, as these look elegant already. As an alternative, you can use plain wooden chairs. These go well with the autumn look. If you will be using chair covers or sashes, use appropriate colors, such as orange, burgundy, or white with a colored accent. An alternative would be an ornament that corresponds with the fall theme.