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Erica and Pablo August 14,2010, Foxtail Picnic Area, Mt. Charleston
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Erica and Pablo were a couple who were looking for something different for their Las Vegas Wedding.  They knew they wanted to get married outside, but in Las Vegas in August, it’s almost impossible to find a venue outside that will keep your guests from melting.  After having been there on several trips as a child, Pablo brought Erica to the picnic area on top of Mt. Charleston, northwest of Las Vegas.  The ceremony would take place amongst beautiful trees, and the greenest grass in Las Vegas and the reception would take place around picnic tables.  While the ceremony was taking place, our team worked to set up the reception area without the use of electricity and very little phone service.  It was a challenge, but we accepted the challenge and everyone had a blast playing games and enjoying themselves on beautiful Mt. Charleston.  The showpiece that had the buzz about the wedding was the wedding cake topper.  Hand crafted by one of the bridesmaids, the cake topper was a delicate paper replica of the bride and groom. The use of a paper for the cake topper fit perfectly with the outdoor organic wedding theme.

The love and support they got from their family and friends on their wedding day are sure to carry over into their new life together.