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Erica and Kevin March 6, 2010, Four Seasons Hotel
Simply Weddings Las Vegas │ Las Vegas Wedding Planner

Erica and her mother Yvonne came to Simply Weddings Las Vegas 3 months before her big day and asked if we could assist in pulling her wedding together in a short amount of time. We didn’t hesitate at all to jump in and take action since we clearly understood that Erica needed some assistance in getting everything in order. Kevin and Erica were locals to the city and knew exactly what they wanted for their special day. Erica had a turquoise, white and chocolate brown theme that she wanted to carry through from her personalized invitations down to the napkins and escort cards.

Erica and Kevin clearly stressed that food and hospitality were just a few of the most important elements of their wedding, and what better location to serve their needs than the Four Seasons Las Vegas! This team rolled out the red carpet for Erica and her guests. They had a full buffet with over twelve different food selections and a cake that people are still talking about today.