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Encore Beach
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Encore Beach at the Wynn Las Vegas is nothing less than the best when it comes to beach clubs, and it’s no wonder with the name of Steve Wynn stamped on it.

Everything that Steve Wynn does ensures you that it will be luxurious, upscale, and exceed all of your expectations. If you are looking for a Las Vegas wedding reception venue that is poolside, unique, sexy, and unlike any other, than Encore Beach is just what you are looking for.

Encore Beach is the perfect unique Las Vegas reception location for the trendsetter who is seeking an atmosphere that is usually only found in European hot spots. Encore Beach has 40-foot palm trees that surround three tiered pools and 60,000 square-feet.

There is ample seating provided from lounges, couches, plush day beds, and oversized lily pads that rest in the shallow water. A Las Vegas wedding reception at Encore Beach would be unique, romantic, intimate, and luxurious.

Simply Weddings Las Vegas will work with you to ensure that this flawless venue has a flawless reception that suits all of your dreams.