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Danielle and Tony October 10,2010 Palms Place Pool
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For Danielle and Tony’s 10/10/10 wedding, their main concern was that everyone needed to have fun.  This northern California couple that loves entertaining friends and having parties knew that Vegas was the best choice for them.   From the time the ceremony got underway, to the last song, Danielle and Tony ensured that all of their guests had a blast.  Having the wedding at one of the hippest pools in Las Vegas was a great way to get the fun started.  With exclusive use of the Palms Place pool, guests were able to enjoy the perfect October evening.  The highlight of the evening was the fabulous fireworks display put on by one of the strip hotels.  At 10:10 pm on 10/10/10, a 10-minute fireworks display had the guests’ ooohing and ahhing.