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The success of the wedding met every mark Danielle and I had imagined – no disappointment exist for us to mention.

In other words, our 20/20 hindsight  clearly leads us to NO “regrets”; NO “I should’ves”;  NO “Why didn’t WE’s…

Only one word describes SIMPLY WEDDINGS………..PROFESSIONALS!!!

I don’t know when I’ll be planning a big event again but when I do Simply Weddings will be hearing from Danielle and I.

One more thing  Brit, I must admit. When we first met in August, Lori was very quiet, and I was a little unsure of her leadership when the time called for such. I wasn’t really concerned about it – just didn’t see her strength during the first visit with both of you. I’m sure you know this Brit or you’d have been there yourself. Lori has what it takes to be a leader, stay calm yet be in control when she needs to be. I can assure you Lori has the “touch” for dealing with clients and directing traffic when necessary. There was nothing forgotten, nor disregarded by Lori and staff. NOT even when she caught up with me (around 4:30 pm) in the bar half way through my second Gray Goose martini, and I barked at her (just a little) about the lifeguard tower next to the pool right next to the area where we were going to be dancing. Lori just smiled and said, “ Don’t worry. I’ll get it moved right away!!!”

She smiled and told me she’d make sure it was moved, and it was taken care of just as she told me. Professional, calm, and in control…..

Your services was a great investment to our wedding. We will surely tell our friends and family about Simply Weddings Las Vegas!

Danielle and Tony – 10/10/10

The Palms Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas