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We are not able to give you the answer as to “if” you will need to hire a wedding planner or not to help you plan your special day. Though, we know this runs through every brides mind when it comes to planning their wedding. Will you be getting help from others around you, your mother, bridesmaids, fiancé, friends or will you be a “do it yourself bride?” Can you do it by yourself? Do you want to plan your wedding by yourself?

Some brides have the impression that planning a wedding with Mother, Fiancé and best friends will bring the two of them closer together than they’ve ever been. Usually, though, the reality is that wedding planning can be stressful under the best of circumstances. You need a strong and neutral support team to do so.

If you decide to hire a wedding planner they will act as a consultant to help you plan your special day. This consultant is a professional wedding planner that knows etiquette from the socially correct formats through proper planning and organization of your wedding day.

As your planner they have the contacts necessary to match you with the right wedding professionals, which are otherwise known as your wedding vendors which can vary from five to twenty-five depending on how elaborate your wedding is.
Your planner also works with your wedding professionals that you have chosen to make sure all the details are set just the way you want them. The planner will help you organize and keep you within your budget by suggesting ways to make your dollar go the farthest. Since your wedding planner is an independent party, he or she, may often mediate disagreements when you are caught between family disputes and friendly disagreements. They hear them all the time an experienced wedding planner will know how to come up with solutions that will make everyone happy.

You can afford a wedding planner since it is not an extra expense if you consider the planning part of your wedding budget. Your wedding planner will even be able to save you money by suggesting the appropriate vendors that will provide professional services to accommodate your needs and wants and most importantly your budget.

It is a penny well spent to have a wedding planner overseeing the wedding professionals that you have spent an investment with to insure that your day goes just as you have paid for and planned.

Of course you may opt to plan the entire wedding yourself or have a family member and even have a friend to help, which is sometimes part of the fun of the wedding. However, it can also be a huge hassle and a headache especially if you, your family member, or friend does not have the proper professional wedding training that most professional wedding planners have and experienced. In addition to just finding wedding vendors, you’ll need to check out sources, make sure all the details are in place, and worry about whether you’re getting the best deal, and, ultimately, if everything will turn out right. A professional wedding planner has the training and experience to do the ground work, and make sure it all works the way you want it to, while you relax and enjoy.

What Can a Wedding Coordinator Do For Me?

The list is long but here are a few of the duties you can expect:

Help you to create the type of wedding you want. With that knowledge you’ll be able to pick your venue,
vendors, colour scheme, theme, music, etc.

Help you create a budget sheet and keep track of where your money is going and how much is still owed.

Help keep you on your budget and not go over. Well, not to much!

Suggest vendors that fit your budget, vision and ideas.

Make a wedding planning schedule so that you know what you’ve done and what still needs to be done.

In most cases a coordinator can save you money because of their connection in the industry.

Take care of any emergencies that arise.

Create a wedding day schedule.