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Carly and Alan – Fall 2011
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Carly and Alan were a hard-working couple from London that wanted to host a destination wedding for their friends and family that were coming from around the world. They had guests from Hong Kong, Canada, Brazil, the UK and Dubai. During their wedding planning process, Alan’s work had transferred him to Dubai which left Carly in London until she could find work in Dubai. With the stress of planning a destination wedding and trying to make a move across the globe, this couple was sure happy that they had hired a wedding planner.
When their special day came they wed at the Four Seasons Las Vegas in front of the Fountain Terrance location. The weather was absolutely perfect. Both the cocktail hour and reception were held in the same location and the Simply Weddings staff had very little time to turn the space into the intimate setting that the couples desired.
Drinks and delicious food flowed heavily throughout the evening. They had a gospel choir and a cigar roller to entertain their guests and everyone celebrated into the “wee” hours of the morning. This couple was extremely happy and thankful that they had decided to go with a wedding planner!