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Amy and Ryan October 18,2009, Red Rock Hotel and Casino
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Amy and Ryan really wanted to personalize their October 2009 Wedding and what better way than to include the thing they love the most…board games.  From Life to Clue, Monopoly, and Bingo, they would play board games all the time.  When Ryan decided he wanted to propose to Amy, he did so during a friendly Game of Scrabble.  Amy had no idea since she thought it was just a regular game, but was ecstatic when she realized what was going on.   Once the wedding planning started, Amy and Ryan knew they wanted to incorporate their love of games in as many aspects as they possibly could.  The table names would be different board games, the Place cards would need to include board game pieces, and they would even play the Newlywed Game at their wedding, with Amy’s Parents, and Ryan’s parents as the other contestants.   Amy and Ryan wed at Red Rock Casino, located about 20 minutes west of the strip. During their ceremony, they incorporated Jewish traditions and adorned the altar with a beautiful Chuppah. In the reception, they decided not to go with traditional floral center pieces and we created edible centerpieces that definitely didn’t go to waste. They surprised their guests with a game themed cupcake station as well they rolled out an ice cream bar later in the evening that was a huge hit. This fun and whimsical theme was a great way for Amy and Ryan to personalize their wedding day!