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Amanda and Neil May 23, 2009, Siena Golf Club
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Amanda and Neil both met in the Military and both shared experiences together that some American’s could never face unless you have been overseas and fought for your country.  Both were deployed several times after 9/11 and finally were stationed here at Las Vegas’s Nellis Air Force Base.

Both were originally from the east coast and decided since Las Vegas was their new home that they would bring their lifelong commitment to one another together in Las Vegas. Guests traveled from across the country to see them wed. Amanda came to Simply Weddings Las Vegas with the concept of a Lemon and Lime theme. Amanda and Neil quickly became known in the office as our “Lemon and Lime Couple” everything we created suddenly became chartreuse green and sunshine yellow.

They settled on one of Las Vegas’s well-known country clubs, Siena Golf Club where the city views were seen throughout the entire ceremony and the city lights glistened through the night. The cake was one of the highlights of the day as it stood 4 feet tall and was adorned with hydrangeas, exotic orchids emerging from the top and it all sat upon a raised glass that had decadent rows of yellow spider mums, green apples and of course lemon and limes. Escort cards sat in half slices of limes and lemons, and the ceremony had bursting live lemon trees around the altar.

This was one of our most memorable couples and we were happy to assist them with their wedding planning.

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