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Alyssa and Anthony September 23, 2010, The Palms and Palms Place
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Alyssa and her friends had an annual tradition of going to a Chicago White Sox game, but in 2007, the Sox were out of town, so they decided to attend a Cubs game.  On the same day, Anthony and his friends were hanging out at a friend’s house that was right outside of Wrigley field and decided to listen to the game from the rooftop, rather than buy tickets to the game.  After the game, Alyssa and her girlfriends decided to hit up some local bars near Wrigley Field.  At the same time, Anthony got a call from his friends that had gone to the game, and they said that they were at a popular bar, meeting up with a few friends….little did Anthony know that his buddies were meeting up with his future wife.

Alyssa and Anthony’s September 2010 Wedding was one that truly showed how much they loved their family and friends, and how much those friends and family loved them.  From the moment we met the entire Bridal Party at rehearsal, we knew that this was going to be a fun and energetic group.  Their entire wedding weekend was full of fun and exciting events that were different from a typical wedding.  After the rehearsal dinner, the Bridal Party went on a nighttime tour of the Las Vegas Strip and treated their friends to the Fabulous Sights of Las Vegas.

The wedding day started with the girls getting pampered in the salon, and the guys hanging out in the reception Suite.  The Hardwood Suite at the Palms is one of the hippest venues and was a perfect location for the boys to relax before the wedding.  When it was time to walk down the aisle, guests gathered at the Palms Place Pool, to witness the two people who valued family so much come together.  With Alyssa’s mother beside her as Matron of Honor, and Anthony’s father standing up next to him as Best Man, it was easy to tell that Alyssa and Anthony really loved their family more than anything.  Once the party got started in the Hardwood Suite at the Palms, we turned the basketball court into a fun atmosphere with swanky lounges and bottle service for guests. The Palms created action stations that adorned the entire suites, guests arrived on the red carpet with screaming paparazzi, people could help themselves to hand rolled cigars and take some snapshots in a photo booth. The entertainment was never ending.  Thanks to a great DJ, and amazing food from The Palms, the party didn’t stop until the wee hours of the morning.